Female Vets

VETS is a nationally recognized program that has been a model for other post-secondary institutions. Because the VETS has been at the forefront of addressing the varied and complex issues of student veterans; the program confronted the issue of “hegemonic masculinity” or “good old boys club”, often associated with the struggles of women veterans and their efforts to adjust to campus life. VETS strives to combat this mentality from the top down via empowering student veteran leaders who aim to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere at all of the VETS centers.

Through an electronic “check in system” the VETS program has been able to track the traffic flow through the office for the past 11 semesters.  Interestingly, the UA VETS Office has shown a 220% increase in female student veterans utilizing services since 2010.  By comparison, male student veterans utilizing services in the same office increased by 53%.

VETS is currently conducting research into to the marked increase in female veteran visits and hopes to publish their findings so that other student veterans programs may emulate this model.

VETS also provides mental health services specifically for female veterans through VA Women’s Counselor Deborah Anderson who holds counseling sessions each week at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

You may contact CAPS to find out more or to make an appointment:

CAPS Phone: (520) 621-3334

If you need urgent medical advice when Campus Health is closed, call the “After Hours” number: (520) 570-7898