NEW: Graduate Certificate in Military Families

In this Graduate Certificate, our aim is to educate current and future professionals regarding military cultural and leadership factors, and to understand normative family processes, stress and coping strategies. Students will learn to appreciate the unique experiences and stresses of military members and their families, and the resultant implications for helping professionals serving this population. Students who complete the certificate program will be conversant with familial relationships and family dynamics in the context of military culture, and will enhance their own leadership (or advocacy or mentoring) skills, in order to serve this population effectively.

That’s right, you can earn your certificate after 12 credits, in only one year over two semesters.


HUSV 511: Understanding the Modern United States Military Family Provides an understanding of the basic structure and formation of each service branch of the U.S. Military from a family systems perspective. Insights into the complex experiences of today’s U.S. Military families will be explored, with a focus on unique issues and challenges that impact military families. 

AED 520: Leadership, Mentoring and Advocacy: Principles & Practices Provides advanced knowledge of the behavior, social influence, ethical challenges and decision-making processes related to strategic leadership. The interrelationships of leadership, mentoring and advocacy will be explored.

HUSV 560: Trauma Informed Care Focused on the workings of the autonomic nervous system (psychoeducation) and on learning how to self-regulate this system via capacity building skills and enhancing resilience. Examples of a trauma-informed approach and traumaspecific interventions will be discussed within a community context.

HUSV 593A: Internship in Application of Leadership Practices Specialized field experience on an individual basis, consisting of training and practice in service with a technical, business, or governmental establishment. The field experience must focus on leadership, or advocacy, or mentoring. Pre-requisites: HUSV 511, AED 520.

"in order to understand and work with our military and veteran population one must first understand where they came from, that being the military"

Cody Nicholls
Assistant Dean of Students,
Military & Veteran Engagement

Director, Military Families Graduate Certificate Dr. Sheena Brown
Eligible for Veterans Benefits