VETS Peer Advocacy Liaisons

Peer Advocacy Liaisons (PALS)

Peer Advocacy Liaisons (PALS) are here to serve as the point of contact on difficult issues related to being a student at UArizona and being a veteran in transition. They will help their peers navigate their transition from military service to academia. PALS will facilitate support groups and will support their peers to advocate for themselves. PALS are equipped to help undergraduate students who are veterans, service-members or dependents of military families. PALS are intended to be subject matter experts in regards to on and off campus resources available to our military-connected student population, navigation of VA benefits, identifying at-risk students and being a conduit to student success on campus. PALS are all experienced with campus and college interactions, as students themselves. They use their knowledge in aiding military-connected students who may be struggling, oftentimes in silence. Our PALS are self-starters who are capable and willing to run with projects with very little direct supervision.
So that’s all the technical stuff, but what does that mean for you? PALS do much more than regurgitate information about resources. Each PAL genuinely cares about the issues that prevail in our military-connected family – in fact, measuring that empathy is part of the interview process for PALS.
Examples of how PALS can help:

Transition Assistance – as you separate from the military you’ll be presented with a myriad of new paperwork, processes, and situations. We can also help you get from Pima over to UArizona!

VA Healthcare – PALS will help you connect with Southern Arizona Veterans Health Care System (SAVAHCS), so that you can get enrolled and get the care you’ve earned and deserve!

Navigating Benefits – We’ll help you get your GI Bill® paperwork started, and we’ll make sure you’ve connected with the UArizona Military Connected Benefits and Certifications office.

Counseling Services – There are a lot of options for veterans who need counseling. PALS will connect you to counseling services in Tucson, from the Tucson Vet Center to VETS’ own in-house counselor.

Goal Setting – What classes do you need to take to ensure success? Have you met your advisor? What happens as you graduate and after? PALS will help you find the answers you need by helping you identify and reach your goals as a student.

Networking – PALS will provide you with a multitude of opportunities to make connections among your peers to find academic and professional success.

Social Aspects – We’re not just here to get you into your books! PALS will host social meetings throughout the school-year where you can make friends and have fun outside the stresses of campus. As a matter of fact, these meetings usually take place OFF campus.

For more information, click the button below and be sure to include your name, graduation date, and how we can help you.