VETS Academic Support

VETS Academic Support

At the Student Union VETS Center, we have a variety of resources available to help you on your academic journey.

Supporting Education for Returning Veterans (SERV) Classes

UArizona offers an academic and workforce success program for returning veterans. The program consists of three college-credit, general education courses that will help you convert your military training and experience into lifelong success skills. The program is an on-ramp for getting your college degree and for improving your employability. SERV is meant to equip you with tools necessary to succeed not only academically but to develop proven skills for success in everyday life. For more information, contact Dr. Michael Marks.

VETS Academic Support

The Academic Support team wants to help you succeed in your classes, and understands that traditional tutoring resources may not always be the best for our military connected students. We combine facets of tutoring with holistic peer support to get you motivated to get that A! Reach out to any of the staff below to get support, or visit the team's Discord channel. Here are our staff and the areas they can help you navigate:


Duncan Rover:

Subjects: Computer Science, Early Math, Early Physics


Chris Loper:

Subject: Computer Science


Ruben Tequida:

Subjects: Computer Science, Math


Jason White:

Subjects: Math, Physics


Jacob Smith:

Subjects: Chemistry 100/200 levels, Hydrology, Geology


VA Work Study Program

If you're using VA Educational Benefits and enrolled at least 3/4 time at the University of Arizona, you may be able to participate in the VA Work Study program here at UArizona! If VETS does not have any positions open, you might be able to find a position in the community. Check with the Tucson VA, Tucson Vet Center, and other veteran-serving programs to see if they've got positions open. Click this link to learn more about the VA Work Study program.

If you would like to seek a VA Work Study position through VETS, we typically look to hire students at the end of each term. The best time to apply is the end of Spring semesters, as VETS Work Study training is conducted over the summer session. If you'd like to know more, email the following information to
Current Resume
Completed VA Work Study Application
One page cover letter explaining your interest in VETS and what you hope to do as a member of our team